Since tthe previous post I’ve made a bunch of changes to my popcorn popper based home roasting setup.

TC4+ and artisan

I took the plunge and bought a TC4+ kit from Matthias . This is basically an arduino circuit board that you allows you to monitor and control a coffee roaster. (Basically it can read k-type thermocouples and control AC and DC loads)

TC4 plus

I bought the kit version because it was half the price of the fully assembled version (45 quid), though I didn’t have any soldering experience. Thankfully it wasn’t that difficult to solder the thing together with a cheapo iron, especially after watching some youtube videos on soldering. I was concerned that I’d burn out the components with the amount of heat I was applying but it seemed to be fine.

The main reason to have the TC4+ board is to hook the fan and heater and up to the opensource Artisan roaster-scope software. My original motivation was to have it automatically record the manual roasts I was doing (rather than writing down numbers every 30 seconds), but it wasn’t long before I experimented with the artisan PID controller features and never looked back. There’s a youtube video about setting the pid stuff up.

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me earlier, but the