The RAP rdf netapi is about to be released (Chris is putting the finishing touches to the RAP 0.8). My work on this api has taught me that I like working with python a lot more than I like working with PHP.

With that in mind, I did some simple performance comparisons between a php page and a python cgi on

Results of 4 runs are:

0.133100032806 Python 0.111065864563 PHP

0.154880046844 0.104358196259

0.142001867294 0.0995299816132

0.134169101715 0.0949969291687

PHP is consistently faster, sometimes as much as 0.06 sec faster. Personally that's not a big enough speed improvement to warrant me switching all my development to php. Having said that, I need to test DB speed from python cgi vs. pooled connections from php.