Work on the re-focused universal-structured-data-aggregator-thingy is coming along. Have written some importers to get non-tagtriple data in - e.g. an RDF/XML importer, a vanilla XML importer (which uses some heuristics to guess the stmts - can import e.g. rss2.0) and a partly-finished CSV importer (which should make DB imports easy over the web).

The problem is I'm stuck thinking of a name for this aggregator product.

The things I want to convey (or at least hint at):

  • It's an aggregator
  • It's for structured data (regardless of format)
  • The tool is imprecise. Quick, cheap and a bit dirty. (chuck your data in it, integrate it, browse, query, pull it out again)
  • It can hold a lot of data - it scales. (Empty a few databases into it)


FatBoy, DataBucket, DataMixer, Blender

Ideally need a cool word for structured data. Information. Knowledge. Crufty-knowledge.


Am pretty low on ideas - can anybody help?