This is the first BETA release of JAM*VAT - my opensource structured data aggregator software. With it you can import information from various structured-data formats including xml, rss, atom, rdf and csv, and then browse and query across the aggregated data.

There's a demo of the software here (imports capped at 5000 triples) . Try importing some XML data from the web (e.g. RSS2.0, atom), or maybe some foaf RDF, and then text searching for data contained within it.

The JAM*VAT store software can be downloaded from sourceforge,

N.B. I developed the software using firefox, but it should work well on IE as well - leave a comment if you have any problems.

N.B.2. This software is BETA, and might be full of bugs.

(JAM*VAT is a rebrand (and partial re-write) of my tagtriples aggregator)

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