I'm quite excited about this release - it includes new POST functionality that accepts HTTP-POSTed content interpreted via mimetype. The upshot of which is that people can cut-n-paste xml chunks into JAM*VAT (which is a compelling way to demonstrate the technology).

You can try it via the online demo - click on the 'Post Data' link at the top, then cut-n-paste your xml or RDF data into the box. You should then be able to text-search it and browse via the jamvat interface.

Another super-cool feature of the HTTP-POST stuff is that it supports 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' data - i.e. you can create a web form which posts directly to JAM*VAT. - E.g. try the following:

Name: Favourite Food:

Once you've submitted, try searching for the name on the search page, or finding your graph on the graphs page.

Other features:

  • fastcgi support
  • Improved XML and RDF translation
  • various bug fixes

Get the opensource software from the tagtriples sf project site.