Last night I switched to using the Disqus service for comments on this blog and I must say I’m pretty impressed so far.

The reason for the switch is that I’m just not staying on top of wordpress upgrades and tweaks and so ideally I’d like to replace my current setup with something much simpler, probably a static html blog.

Also I recently got a cheap 64mb vps from vps villiage and I’d like to move my blog to it. Running a static html blog will be much less memory hungry and considerably less vulnerable to attack than running wordpress, php, mysql et al.

I figured that if I outsourced the comments to a dynamic comment provider then the rest of the site can be made static relatively easy. I won’t need to worry about user authentication, spam, openid or any of the other things that don’t quite work perfectly on my blog.

Disqus was the first I tried and so far it’s been pretty amazing: Using the disqus wordpress plugin you can actually import all of your existing wordpress comments into it and it keeps both sides in sync, so comments made through disqus also get added to your wordpress database. Also it looks like it would be pretty easy to back out without losing comments if I find something wrong with Disqus - sweet!