Time for another Racer update! Most of the work on racer in the last few months has been about keeping up with the flood of changes to the rust language and internal apis. Aside from that there were a couple of improvements:

  • Racer got some support for generics (connect() returns IoResult<TcpStream>)
  • It got some support for destructuring
  • Racer got better at handling half-finished code, dangling scopes and match statements
  • It also got a bit better at working on windows (in particular carriage returns and BOMs (byte-order-marks) in files).


Racer is starting to get some heavier use by people now, which is great, but has thrown up a few deficiencies that need addressing in the coming weeks/months

  • Cargo support

    Racer works well for a small project using the rust standard libraries. Unfortunately using it with a modern cargo project is a bit clunky and sometimes completely unworkable, involving having to fiddle with the RUST_SRC_PATH variable and in some cases make a copy of external sources in a separate directory. Racer needs to be able to read cargo.toml files and locate the sources referenced in them.

  • Racer as a library (+ daemon)

    Some people would like racer to operate as a long-running daemon for performance reasons. Current Racer performance isn't a big deal for me personally (a complete or find-definition is a few hundred ms on my laptop in most cases), but @valloric thinks it will be and he has a lot more experience in this area due to his YouCompleteMe project. The plan is to create a racer library that editors and daemons can embed.

  • Racer only reads code from files on the file system

    This is somewhat connected to the library thing: Currently racer only consumes code from the file system - you cannot pass it text to work on. This simplifies the internals but means that if you're half way through editing a file and you need racer, your editor must save the contents of your file before invoking it. This is currently handled by emacs and vim by saving a temporary file in the current directory. If racer is to work as a library in a long running process it will need the capability to allow editors to pass unsaved code to it directly and not get confused when it doesn't match what's on disk.

  • Type inference + rustc

    This is probably Racer's biggest hurdle: Racer currently does a bunch of custom type inference in order to resolve method and field completions and definitions. Unfortunately this inference is nowhere near 'complete' (ha!), and the rust language is a fast moving target making this a bunch of effort. I could easily spend the next year or two of my spare time replicating rust type inference and getting nothing else done.

    Instead I'd ideally like to lever the rustc compiler to do the type inference. Unfortunately rustc currently isn't designed for type-inferring anything other than an full complete crate, which is slow and also won't work for half-finished programs like the code you typically autocomplete. I need to spend some time researching what can be done in this area and I'm open to any ideas or advice.

    I noticed @sanxiyn has been experimenting with adding an ast node to represent a completion ('ExprCompletion') to enable this to go through the various compiler passes even though the code is 'broken'. This is cool and really promising - I think the meat here is in allowing incomplete programs to get through rustc's type-inference pass. I'm not sure whether having a 'completion' ast node is as important (once you can evaluate the type of an expression, providing completions is possible without the compiler support), but maybe this approach could be generalised to allow the compiler to skip over sections of code that don't parse correctly.

    In the short term I'm wondering if it might be possible/reasonable to generate small programs that represent the inputs to a specific type query but are quicker for rustc to type-infer. Racer currently does this for parsing (constructs a artificial statement similar to the original and then uses rustc's libsyntax) and it works really well there, but parsing is considerably less brittle than a full type-inference pass. I'm unsure of the best place to discuss this sort of thing; Reddit?

Finally I'd like to thank everybody that has contributed fixes and code to Racer so far:

Michael Gehring, Johann Tuffe, rsw0x, Darin Morrison, Zbigniew Siciarz, Michael Maurizi, Björn Steinbrink, Leonids Maslovs, Vincent Huang, mathieu _alkama_ m, Ben Batha, Björn Zeutzheim, Derek Chiang (Enchi Jiang), Emil Lauridsen, Henrik Johansson, Heorhi Valakhanovich, Jorge Aparicio, Justin Harper, Keiichiro Ui, Pyry Kontio, Renato Zannon, Saurabh Rawat, Vlad Svoka, Ziad Hatahet, awdavies, nlordell

I have very limited spare time so it's a real joy to wake up in the morning and find that somebody has submitted a patch to e.g. bring racer up to date with the latest rust. Thanks everyone!