I'm very pleased to announce that Racer now compiles with the Rust 1.0 beta releases! This means that hopefully Racer should be ready to go for Rust 1.0 when it launches later this month.

The big blocker for this release was rustc's libsyntax. I'd like to say a big thanks to Erick Tryzelaar for porting libsyntax into the syntex_syntax crate, and for working hard to remove unstable features from libsyntax. Also I'd like to say a special thanks to Tamir Duberstein for helping to remove the dependency on rust unstable features.

And of course thanks to all the Racer contributors.

(BTW, a side effect of relying on a separate syntax crate is that build times for Racer have gone up dramatically. This is a shame, but I think a small price to pay for Rust 1.0 compatibility)